Up-Coming Test Sessions:
Wednesday, April 21st 8:00 – 11:00am.
Deadline for registration is April 7th

Test Application:
Click here to download a Word document version.  (Recommended).
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Please be sure to fill out the test application completely. Applications must be postmarked at least 2 weeks before the test date.  If you would like a recognition letter sent to your school with your test results you must supply your principals complete name and address including street number, city and zip code. If this information is not listed the letter will not be sent.
Rules and Regulations
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Test Results:
(July 23rd, 2002 test session)
Kelsey Woltman
– Pre-Preliminary Moves
Lauren Gebhart – Pre-Preliminary Moves
Kelly Crowe – Preliminary Moves, Pre-Preliminary Free
Mary Panos – Preliminary Moves, Preliminary Free
Rebecca Schrom – Pre-Juvenile Moves, Preliminary Free
Kelsey Riley – Pre-Juvenile Moves, Preliminary Free
Laura Benesch – Pre-Juvenile free
Alisha Yingling – Pre-Juvenile Moves and Pre-Juvenile Free
Thalia Staikos – Juvenile Moves
Cari Attig – Intermediate Free

Kristie Houser – Junior Freestyle
Jeremy RaffJuvenile Freestyle
(December 10th, 2002 test session)
Laura Benesch
– Juvenile Moves and Juvenile Free
Alisha Yingling – Juvenile Moves and Juvenile Free
Lauren Gebhart – Pre-preliminary Free and Preliminary Moves
Christina Kelbaugh – Pre-preliminary Moves

Kayla Enfield – Pre-Juvenile Moves and Pre-Juvenile Free
(March 18th, 2003 test session)
Christina Kelbaugh   -Pre-Preliminary Moves
Katrina Wright – Preliminary Pairs and Juvenile Pairs
Jessica Koller – Intermediate Moves and Juvenile freestyle
Mary Panos – Pre-Juvenile Moves
Annalysa Longworth – Pre-Juvenile Freestyle
Ian Lau – Pre-Juvenile Moves and Pre-Juvenile Freestyle
Kelly Crowe – Preliminary Freestyle.
Note: Anyone passing a test should please contact Denny Enfield atdcenfield@fifsab.com or 846-0056.